We are 20 year veterans of the magazine industry; a food editor and a photographer.  And although we have known one another for years - the birth of this blog has cemented our friendship so that we are not unlike park-bench new moms.  

We share a love of food, cooking and visual story telling.  Our recipes are in sync with the way we live our lives -  mostly making it up as we go along, changing gears on a dime and holding true to what we value - friends and family, a balanced healthy diet and time spent around the dinner table (and a night out from time to time).  

Welcome to our madness. 


Frances Boswell

I have worked near, around and with food for as long as I can remember. My first job was 'chopper' at a local restaurant. I was 15 and wore swim goggles to protect my eyes from onion fumes. Things improved from there. I became a private chef and prepared gourmet meals for an adventure travel outfitter. I joined Martha Stewart Living as part of the magazine's start up team and rose through the ranks to become Food Editor. I left Martha Stewart Living in 2001 after the birth of my first daughter and worked as a freelance recipe developer and food stylist for several publications including The New York Times, Gourmet, Food and Wine, Oprah, Health, Everyday Food, Cookie and Town & Country. In 2004 I became Food Director for Real Simple Magazine where I oversaw everything food related. Wanting to explore my interest in food as it relates to health, I took a hiatus from publishing and studied acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

I do not consider myself a foodie as - truth be told - I have limited interest in the newest restaurant or food trends. Rather, I feel that delicious meals make life more joyful. And so I cook to augment the happiness of my husband, children and friends, and keep them healthy and filled with love and because (to quote Albert of Bread and Jam for Frances fame) - quite simply - I think eating is nice. 

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Dana Gallagher

Somehow my love of food seems tied to the many places I've lived growing up and as an adult.  While I was born in California, we moved to the South when I was 6, where I stayed until finally landing in New York City to pursue a photography degree.  I worked my way through college waiting tables in various restaurants in Charleston SC, Richmond VA and lastly the Big Apple.  As a college student my life revolved around both photography school and kitchens and invariable these interests collided.  

My first big break was in 1993  from Martha Stewart, who thankfully took a chance on me and gave me a job shooting one of her cookbooks (Menus For Entertaining).  It transformed my life and I was suddenly a "food" photographer.  My work grew from there and I now shoot many subjects including lifestyle, interiors, home design and still life of many sorts but food is dear to my heart.  I've contributed to Food & Wine, Martha Stewart Living,  Real Simple, The New York Times and Gourmet to name a few.  Cooking for my family is both relaxing and (mostly) a joy when I have the time and when I don't, its nice to have a repertoire.

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